Business Model Innovation for Uponor

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Business Model Innovation

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Business Model Innovation

The key objective of the online course Business Model Innovation is to give you a better understanding of the business model as a tool for modern business development and how to work with business architecture in order to transform businesses.

Overview course lessons:

  1. Introduction ot the course and the teachers
  2. Business Archtecture – a new way to view the world
  3. Business Strategy
  4. Business Models
  5. Business processes
  6. Business Model Innovation
  7. Perspectives on Digital Transformation
  8. Summary and evaluation


It will take you approximately 10-12 hours to complete the course (including exercises and quiz).

The teachers of the Business Model Innovation online course

Björn-Erik Willoch is a Business Architect, senior advisor at Cordial and one of the main teachers in Cordial Business Education programs. Björn-Erik have extensive international experience as management advisor.

Linus Malmberg is a Business Architect, CEO and founder of Cordial. Linus is one of the main teachers in Cordial Business Education programs and has worked with strategy and organizational development since 1995.