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Welcome to the online course in Product Management!

This online course is a collaboration between Edlegio and Tolpagorni.

During the course you will learn how to create an understanding of market development and how to define a profitable strategy. Then – how to apply in roadmapping, requirements management and the planning of fantastic launches. The course is based on hands-on experience from major global corporations but also the blooming Scandinavian startup scene.


Good luck – and enjoy!


00. Introduction to the course

Längd: 3 minuter

Introduction to the course This first short session is about explaining the disposition and pedagogic logic of the course. The session is presented by Erik Bjernulf, senior advisor and instructor, Tolpagorni Product Management 00. Introduction to the course Documentation 00. Introduction to Course (Documentation)

01. Introduction to Product Management

Längd: 22 minuter

Background In the contemporary complex and highly technical business environment – product management is increasingly important. The CEO and the management team no longer can be fully up-to-date on technical and commercial details and how our offering interacts with others in the ecosystem. Then, the product manager role is key for success.   Key objectives of the lesson To […]

02. To create insight into market development but also our own capabilities

Längd: 30 minuter

Background In order to create successful strategies and products we need insights. Where is the market going? What about evolution of new technology the coming years? What are the capabilities of our organization?   Key objectives of the lesson A process for insight creation Introduction to the Insights MATRIX – data, analysis, insights and usage. Models […]

03. To create profitable strategies

Längd: 35 minuter

Background What if: We always sold the products we have developed (and not something else)? We develop the product we can sell! Product strategy is what is required to connect and align development with marketing and sales!   Key objectives of the lesson We discuss why there is a need for product strategy – and […]

04. Product planning with Roadmapping

Längd: 25 minuter

Background To define what products to be developed – and when – is a key task for product management. How to aim for the right target – and aim correctly with your future offerings.   Key objectives of the lesson The four areas of Product planning are defined: Roadmapping Release planning Product life cycle management Requirements […]

05. Requirements management

Längd: 21 minuter

Background Surveys often show that handling requirements is the most time consuming area for product managers in general. Collection of requirements from various stakeholders and negotiations with the developers on features and deadlines. In Agile environments with Scrum teams but also in traditional major Waterfall projects – requirements management is crucial for success.   Key objectives of […]

06. Value Engineering

Längd: 43 minuter

Background The product manager is often (the single) individual in the organization capable of understanding both technical and commercial aspects of the product. The values it delivers to users and customers.   Key objectives of the lesson To describe a process for communicating customer values delivered with our product offering. We will cover the four phases: […]

07. Successful product launches

Längd: 17 minuter

Background When the product is finally ready from the R&D domains – it is time for market introduction and launch. It’s not only about marketing but the entire company will have to be ready to support the new business opportunities.   Key objectives of the lesson To describe a method for planning and execution of successful […]

08. The Product manager role – and program summary

Längd: 13 minuter

Background The role of the product manager is extensively wide. It covers everything from technology to marketing and pricing. At one moment you are creating a new growth strategy – at the next you are solving an urgent quality problem with a small component.   Key objectives of the lesson We’ll look into the different leadership […]

09. Evaluation and Diploma

Evaluation The link below will lead to an evaluation survey regarding the online course Product Management. We strongly advice you to fill it in – it will only take you a couple of minutes and the impact of the development of this online course made by us following the evaluations will give future participants an extended user […]

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